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Quatre Plats: Market kitchen in Barcelona


4 Plats i Punt

Quatre plats is the result of a dream, an idea that seeks integration between haute cuisine and the traditional market, and as a result leads to the redefinition of the combined dishes.

Specialized in Kitchen Market

The traditional menu cards or endless feast typical greasy longer options become delicious proposals from a unique new profile restaurateur. Every day four unique dishes appear on stage to rigorously seduce the palate. Our proposal will be on display in four boards hanging on the wall, the fourth boards with their distinctive color will choose between the meat dish, fish and vegetarian dish of the day.

Restaurant in Barcelona with high quality food

Each dish, which will be accompanied with its garnish, is always based on fresh seasonal products, top quality and at an affordable price. The fusion between traditional and avant-garde will reach its climax on Thursday to Saturday nights with the approach of Taste dish, a Tasting Menu faithful to the philosophy of the Four Plates and made with the best of care and the finest products.

Try innovation and tradition Kitchen

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Meet the 4 Plats team

The team behind of the restaurant “Els quatre plats i punt” guarantees quality and excellence, based on the effort, professionalism, good taste and passion for innovation.



Founder of this restaurant. Joic has extensive experience in catering and he has a lot of knowledge on the local markets. Joico has the vision to bring back the cuisine with economic prices and and excellent food.



Famous chef of Pinocchio’s restaurant located in la Boqueria. For him there aren’t secrets. His ingenuity goes beyond what you can even imagine.



Bartender, waiter and photographer with extensive experience in hospitality. He has previously worked as manager in the Hotel Omm in Barcelona, now he is focused to serve and show everything “Els quatre plats i punt” can offer.

A little bit further about “Quatre plats”

According to Wikipedia: A restaurant, or an eatery, is a business which prepares and serves food and drinks to customers in exchange for money. Meals are generally served and eaten on the premises.

At “Quatre plats” we want to go little further. Obviously, a restaurant depends on many things, but the quality of food and services are the most important. That’s why, in our restaurant you will find a professional team, excellent customer service, always fresh, high quality food and as many drinks as you can ask for. Moreover, you can have our Loyalty Card for our lunch menú which give you the opportunity to have a free menú when you complete it.

As a market cuisine restaurant in Barcelona we are ambitous, we want to be the reference point in Barcelona and we want you join us. Are you stil having doubts?

One question: Do you know what those four blackboards are? You should know it if you have read all the above. Otherwise … join us and discover our restaurant!